The Fresno County Preterm Birth Initiative has launched a new campaign to increase awareness of the importance of birth records. A study conducted in collaboration with Dr. Ellen Middleton of UCSF Fresno Medical Centers and Dr. Linda Stokes of Community Regional Medical Centers, found that of 50 Fresno County birth certificate data collected, information about complications or illnesses was only 10 percent accurate.

Sandra Flores, program director of the initiative, said that gaps or inaccuracies in data can play a crucial role in obscuring health disparities. To find solutions for this, the Fresno County Preterm Birth Initiative, in partnership with researchers, has produced a video campaign (available in English and Spanish) for expectant parents.

Along with being an important legal document, information in birth records also helps fund important programs and services within the community. INFO: Fresno County Preterm Birth Initiative at 559.228.2150 or