October 11, 2019 – A news report today by California Globe incorrectly claims Fresno State’s involvement in a Fresno-based media-related initiative.

First, the headline is patently false in claiming the University “is partnering with The Fresno Bee to raise nonprofit money to report about” our congressman.

Next, contrary to implications in said news report, Fresno State is not financially supporting The Fresno Bee’s Education Lab, a new initiative that includes the hiring of an editor and three reporters who will focus on education stories. To be clear, the University did recently host and sponsor McClatchy’s California Influencer Series event, which is focused on issues affecting P-16 education throughout California; however, that series is independent of The Fresno Bee’s Education Lab.

Lastly, Fresno State’s Institute for Media and the Public Trust, which was founded in 2018, is independent of The Fresno Bee and of the aforementioned Education Lab. The Institute – whose goal is to promote news literacy and bridge the trust gap between news consumers and media – is directed by Fresno State faculty, and receives no funding from The Fresno Bee.