Former Fresno State students who were unable to complete their education now have a new opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree online, in just 18 to 24 months, through the Division of Continuing and Global Education.

The Reconnect Online Degree Completion Program is designed for former Fresno State students who have successfully completed at least 70 units and left in good standing more than three years ago. Upon completing the requirements of the program, students will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts.

“Our goal in creating the Reconnect Program was to provide another degree pathway for students who were unable — because life intervened with other commitments — to complete their degrees,” said Dr. Alison Mandaville, faculty coordinator of the program. “By combining their previous academic progress with a strategic series of rigorous, online classes, students are able to earn a bachelor’s degree without having to attend classes on campus. It’s ideal for those in the workforce who find that a four-year degree is necessary for advancement but who are not able to return to a traditional degree program.”

The Reconnect program concentrates on developing skills that are considered essential in today’s business environment. The interdisciplinary program incorporates a regional focus relevant to local employers while offering a global view of leadership skills relevant to successful careers in both the private and public arenas. Courses are taught by the same faculty who teach in Fresno State’s traditional programs.

Students will complete two online classes during each eight-week session. Depending on the number of units a student has already completed, an individual can earn the degree in 18 to 24 months. Students in the Reconnect program will not graduate with the major they declared prior to leaving the University, but will instead earn a liberal arts degree. Students wishing to complete their original major in a face-to-face mode are encouraged to contact the University Advising Center for assistance in enrolling in a traditional on-campus program.

The initial classes for the Reconnect program are scheduled to begin in fall 2020, and applications are now being accepted for the first cohort of students. Financial aid is available for qualified students who enroll in a minimum of six units per semester. In addition, some employers offer tuition reimbursement to students who are completing undergraduate degrees. Early application is encouraged as space in the online program is limited.

For information and eligibility requirements, contact Dr. Alison Mandaville at or visit

(Story by Susan Hawksworth, program and marketing specialist for the Division of Continuing and Global Education at Fresno State.)