The stage was set. A xylophone, two groups of percussion instruments, a set of timpani and a grand piano for the accompanist filled the performance area of the Fresno State Concert Hall. The 270-seat hall was mostly empty and the doors locked due to COVID-19 precautions.

Those allowed inside the hall included the performer, Fresno State senior Amanda Steinhauer; two accompanists, Shing-Ming Liao on the piano and Charles Wanderscheid on percussion; three music faculty members and performing arts technician Jose ElaGarza. In the center of the concert hall seating area sat a table with the technical equipment ElaGarza had pieced together for the rest of the audience watching the live stream on Facebook.

Professor of percussion and Music Department chair Dr. Matthew Darling, professor of music Dr. Gary Gilroy and percussion lecturer David Gabrielson sat as far apart from each other as they could while they graded the performance.


  • “Golden Age of the Xylophone” — Werle
  • “Saeta” — Carter
  • “Two Mexican Dances” — Stout
  • “Palm Reader” — Holmes
  • “Ella Babella McMella Barbarella” — Bobo

Steinhauer’s performance was stunning and well received by the Facebook audience of over 100 people.

Sadly, due to tightening COVID-19 restrictions, Steinhauer’s senior recital will likely be the only one that can be streamed from the Fresno State Concert Hall. However, faculty are working to find pragmatic solutions that allow students to complete their performance requirements.

As the recital wrapped up, the audience, both in person and online, applauded the stellar performance. Steinhauer took to the stage one last time to thank her online audience, who responded with texted praise and emojis.