Fresno State students have faced the recent drastic changes in their learning environments with grit and determination. However, many of them depended upon quiet study time in the library building to enhance their learning and focus. Some are finding it increasingly difficult to manage this level of work from their homes and have looked to the Henry Madden Library for options.

But what happens when our space is closed and our students and faculty are expected to work from home under less than ideal circumstances?

“One of the most common problems I’m hearing from students is the noise they are experiencing in their homes,” said Fresno State associate professor Dr. Larissa Mercado-López. “Students have reached out to share their frustrations regarding noisy family members (kids, adults who are unaware of their need for silence, etc.). They state that they feel helpless because of their inability to find other spaces to work due to shelter-in-place orders.”

The Madden Library decided there is still a way to help create that space for students, and to re-invest in our innovative resources to support student learning through our robust Technology Lending Program. To aid students in a quieter, more focused study experience, the Madden Library added noise canceling headphones to the Library’s Tech Lending Program, which will help students create a “quiet” space to study, if even just in their own heads.

Such a simple piece of equipment as headphones could create a huge impact for students,” said Arnel Ordonio, library services specialist and head of Tech Lending. “They are sticking with it to earn their degree and transform their lives. We want to help however we can.”

Using a modest amount of C.A.R.E.S. Act funding, the Henry Madden Library made an initial purchase of 50 pairs of noise-canceling headphones, in addition to other needed technology for students and faculty, to be available for the fall 2020 semester. Other items purchased include Google Chromebooks and refreshed camera, microphone, and tech utilities to support at-home learning and teaching needs.

“Our Tech Lending service is a critical resource for our students and I am so proud that our offerings continue to expand,” said Del Hornbuckle, dean of library services. “The variety of devices for students and faculty really help them reach their full educational potential. The availability of headphones, laptops and more are of vital importance in this time of virtual instruction and learning.”

To check out the new headphones, students can request a pair via this form or contact Madden Library’s Tech Lending services by email or phone to make an appointment for pick up ( or 559.278.2551). Headphones, like all materials and equipment currently checked out from Madden Library, will be due Aug. 31. After that date, new loan periods may be in effect. Students are encouraged to follow Madden Library social media and Tech Lending’s Instagram account for possible pop-up check out and return events during the summer.

Students who do not own their own computers, tablets, recording equipment, or other necessary technology for their courses and projects are able to check out items from our Tech Lending station in access services. This program has been serving the students on campus since fall  2017.