The Henry Madden Library is pleased to announce the migration of the Fresno State Digital Repository to the new California State University ScholarWorks platform. The new platform is built on software that is more current, and it integrates work from many CSU campuses in a single repository, providing a representation of faculty output from the entire system as well as showcasing the work from each participating campus.

ScholarWorks is the Open Access repository for the intellectual and cultural capital of the California State University. It collects, preserves, and provides access to research, scholarship, creative work, and instructional materials produced by CSU faculty, staff and in certain cases students. Materials in ScholarWorks are shared freely with the general public, with no paywalls or subscriptions standing between readers and content.

Why should faculty contribute to ScholarWorks?

  • Increased visibility and impact. Studies show that articles made available through a “Green” Open Access repository like ScholarWorks have higher citation rates than those available only through subscription publishing models.
  • Meet funder requirements. Depositing materials in ScholarWorks can fulfill requirements from funding agencies for providing Open Access to publications and data sets.
  • Share your work as it develops. ScholarWorks can accept many outputs from a research or creative project, including posters, presentations, data sets, audio-visual items and derivative works.
  • Ensure access. ScholarWorks provides reliable long-term access to submitted work by providing persistent URLs and following best practices for preservation.
  • Support Open Access and Open Education. The COVID-19 emergency has highlighted, more than ever, the benefits of Open Access in facilitating the progress of research and scholarly conversation, as well as the advantages of Open Educational Resources in ensuring students’ access to instructional materials.
  • Copyright compliance. Fresno State librarians will work with you to ensure that you are sharing the version of your publication that is permitted by your publisher’s policy.
  • Format flexibility. ScholarWorks supports many file types in addition to PDF. Contact us about your unique submissions.

What can be shared in ScholarWorks?

  • Scholarly articles by faculty, staff, or students, as permitted by publishers’ policies.
  • Theses and dissertations.
  • Undergraduate work, such as honors theses, senior projects, or capstones, when sponsored by a faculty member.
  • Data sets.
  • White papers and reports.
  • Educational resources, including syllabi and instructional materials.
  • Books or book chapters.
  • Conference presentations or posters.
  • Digital representations of creative work, including artwork, creative writing, music scores, or recordings of performances.
  • Other materials related to scholarly, creative, or educational activities at Fresno State.

CSU ScholarWorks is supported by Systemwide Digital Library Services in collaboration with the CSU Libraries. Faculty and staff at any CSU campus are encouraged to upload completed works to ScholarWorks. The migration to CSU ScholarWorks was completed by the Henry Madden Library Digital Services unit under the direction of project lead María Peña.

For more information or questions about submissions, please contact David Drexler, scholarly communications librarian at