California State University, Fresno is hosting a meeting of the board of directors of the American Association of State College and Universities today and Tuesday (May 1-2).

AASCU represents more than 400 public colleges, universities and systems of higher education throughout the United States and its territories. AASCU schools enroll more than 3 million students, or 55 percent of the enrollment at all public four-year institutions.

Fresno State President Dr. John D. Welty is the chair of the association. He will host directors from around the country for a series of meetings plus tours of the campus, including the Save Mart Center and new Student Recreation Center. The board will visit the Fresno State Winery for a wine-tasting social and have dinner at the University House.

Members of the AASCU work to extend higher education to all citizens. Access is a hallmark of AASCU institutions, colleges and universities that embrace students who traditionally have been underrepresented in higher education as well as those who are first generation college students

As chair, Welty is responsible for leading the board of directors in setting policy, representing the organization and helping the AASCU president serve as a national advocate for public higher education.

Welty said the major focus of AASCU this year is advocating for its public policy agenda with Congress and the Administration, with an emphasis on improving financial aid for students and the passage of the Higher Education Re-Authorization Act.

For more information, please go to the following Web site: www.aascu.orq.