The fall 2009 lecture series sponsored by the Ethics Center at California State University, Fresno will begin Wednesday, Oct. 14, with a discussion of climate change.

The lectures, which feature Fresno State faculty members, are from 7-8 p.m. at the Alice Peters Auditorium in the University Business Center. They are free and open to the public.

The programs are:

Oct. 14, “Fallacies, Ethical Dilemmas and Climate Change” – Dr. Andrew Jones, an associate professor of sociology, will discuss flawed logic used by skeptics to argue that climate change isn’t taking place or isn’t human-caused. Jones will critique proposed solutions to mitigate global warming’s effects and critically examine arguments that favor doing nothing about climate change or that advocate embracing global warming.

Nov. 4, “Adaptation to Climate Change in Fresno, Calif.” – Dr. Peter Vandewater, an assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences, will discuss how climate change is accelerating across the globe and its effect on Fresno, community interactions and the environment.

Dec. 2, “The Ethics of Reading the Bible” – Dr. Robert Maldonado, a philosophy professor, will explore layers of meaning found in ancient scriptures. He will raise questions about the significance of religious texts, the value people place upon them and how people’s reading influences values they get from texts.

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