After a yearlong campuswide review of university communication standards, several new policies have been instituted that are designed to answer questions about and clarify print, Web and broadcast communications procedures.

The Cabinet at its Aug.26 meeting approved the new policies and updates to the University Standards for Graphics and Communications Manual, which is the guiding document for publications going out to both on- and off-campus communities.

“The policy review was completed to make sure there is uniformity of message and presentation in print publications, in official university Web publications and in multimedia venues,” said Bruce Whitworth, Fresno State’s director of Publications and New Media. “These standards are important because a unified, consistent image presents the university in the best possible light.”

One of the major changes is that a formal review now is required by the Office of University Communications before a purchase order will be issued or a payment for print or Web publication is processed.

“We understand that often publications and other print, Web or media projects have to be completed on short notice,” said Whitworth. “That’s why University Communications has committed to a 24- to 48-hour turnaround for these required reviews.”

The new policy specifically requires that publications of the nature listed below first be submitted for approval to the director of Publications. Funding from any source for printing publications will not be processed or approved by the Office of Procurement, Foundation Financial Services or Auxiliary Services until the project has been reviewed and approved by the University Communications.

The policy also states that University Printing Services will not proceed with on-campus print requests until projects covered by this policy are reviewed and approved.

Here are some examples of print projects that now require approval by this policy change:

  • Brochures for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Booklets for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Posters for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Fliers for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Print advertisements for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Department catalogs for on- and off-campus distribution
  • Department or college newsletters intended for off-campus distribution or a combination of on- and off-campus distribution
  • Any publication incorporating the use of the University Seal, Bronze Medallion or Sunburst Logo that will include on- and off-campus distribution

Projects not requiring approval by University Communications include:

  • Newsletters intended for internal distribution only (i.e. departmental newsletters, campus notices)
  • Department or division fliers, information sheets, etc.
  • Letters for official university communication on university letterhead or incorporating the use of the University Seal
  • Student publications (although student publications are not required to be reviewed, they still must follow policies regarding logo usage, university naming conventions and other published guidelines.)

Any questions whether a proposed publication or project is covered by this policy change may be made to the director of Publications and New Media in University Communications at 278.5029.

The full policy can be found online at the link below.

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