The new and expanded Henry Madden Library at California State University, Fresno is a year old and celebrated Wednesday, Feb. 24, with a party that included an iced replica of the building itself and hundreds of cupcakes for those attending.

The festivities took place on the second floor outside the Leon S. Peters Ellipse in the Table Mountain Rancheria Tower of the library with Peter McDonald, the dean of Library Services, presiding.

Provost William Covino talked about the excitement the new library has generated on campus and the important contribution it makes on a daily basis to students and faculty in their academic pursuits, but also to the entire community.

Just a week earlier, the library recorded its millionth visit when nursing student Amanda Tang of Elk Grove, a junior, came through the front door and was presented with gifts.

Tang joined the birthday celebration and helped symbolically cut the centerpiece library replica created by Culinology® students in the university’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Food and Nutrition program. Covino and McDonald joined her in wielding a giant representation of a knife.

Hundreds of students, staff and faculty participated in the two-hour party, devouring 750 cupcakes made for the occasion.

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