California State University, Fresno has sent courtesy reminders to students that full payment of the recently increased fee must be made by Friday, July 30, to avoid being disenrolled from fall semester classes they’ve scheduled.

“We know that students are far more savvy in planning their schedules in these budgetary times and don’t want to risk losing classes,” said Dr. Paul M. Oliaro, vice president for Student Affairs.

Warning letters were sent to all students with an outstanding fee balance; about one-third of the university’s projected 19,500 fall semester students.

If students are disenrolled, seats could open for those on wait lists and students seeking to add to their schedules. E-mails are then sent to those students who get moved from the wait-list notifying them they are registered in a class.

Instruction begins Aug. 23.

Last month, the university sent notices about increases in undergraduate and graduate student class fees adopted June 18 by the California State University Board of Trustees for the 2010-11 academic year.

Beginning this fall, fulltime undergraduate students will pay $4,879 in annual campus and state university fees at Fresno State. The trustees based the new fee schedule on the Assembly budget proposal that provides additional state revenues to higher education. Trustees may revisit fee levels if the state does not fully fund the proposed budget

The CSU system average is $5,097, which remains the lowest among comparable institutions throughout the nation and $3,270 below the comparison average.

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