Fresno State works on global agricultural business development

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Fresno State works on global agricultural business development

A new partnership between California State University, Fresno’s Center for Agricultural Business and Consortium for International Development enables university experts in business and agriculture to collaborate with industry professionals in a variety of settings worldwide.

The consortium is backed by faculty and research specialists from five California State University campuses with strong agricultural and business programs: Fresno State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Pomona, Chico State and Humboldt State.

“An obvious strength of the consortium is that each of the five campuses is located in different agricultural regions, each with its own horticulture production profile,” said Dr. William Erysian, coordinator of international projects for Fresno State’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

“Therefore, consortium experts can provide famer-to-farmer technology transfer on a variety or horticulture commodities that include orchards, vineyards, grains, fruit and vegetables,” he added.

In addition to horticulture, the consortium also is a resource for advanced technologies in irrigation and water resource management, animal health services, animal science, forestry, natural resource management and conservation education.

The Consortium for International Development maintains a database of more than 400 faculty and industry specialists with international development experience. Individuals, industry representatives and educators are encouraged to contact Erysian or Center for Agricultural Business director Mickey Paggi with questions or ideas of possible collaborative ventures involving research and technology transfer in agricultural business.

For more information, visit or contact Erysian at or Paggi The center office phone is 559.278.4405.

(Copy by Steve Olson of the California Agricultural Technology Institute at Fresno State)