University scenes showing up on Univision’s ‘El Talisman’

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University scenes showing up on Univision’s ‘El Talisman’

The new Spanish-language telenovela “El Talisman,” set in the San Joaquin Valley, has started showing its Fresno State flavor with scenes in recent episodes depicting the campus.

Two teen characters, Fabiola and Florencia, are cast as Fresno State students. Scenes made possible by the Office of University Communications, Kennel Bookstore and Univision’s KFTV, Channel 21, supplying university materials and video, include students wearing Fresno State shirts, the university sign at Shaw and Cedar avenues and a campus banner.

Although some settings resemble Fresno State’s McLane Hall central corridor and upper west wing, the production films in Florida.

The show airs nationwide at 9 p.m. weekdays on the Univision network.

The 120-episode series, which runs until June, is co-produced by Venevision and Univision Studios. It features telenovela star Blanca Soto. Isabel Burr and Sandra Itzel portray the Fresno State students.

“El Talisman” is close-captioned in English on CC3 – the first telenovela produced in the United States to be offered with English translation.

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