The price of single-day parking permits at California State University, Fresno is $2, effective immediately.

New-solar powered parking permit dispensers that have been installed at campus entrances accept one-dollar and five-dollar bills, as well as nickels, dimes and quarters. The dispensers also return change.

The additional revenues generated by the increase from the previous $1.50-a-day fee will be used to improve parking facilities on the campus, said Gary Beddingfield, parking administrator.

“The money that the students, employees and visitors pay for parking goes right back into new parking and transportation projects that make getting around the campus easier,” said Beddingfield. Recent work includes increasing the number of parking spaces next to the library and realignment of Keats Avenue

“In the next year, we hope to add 380 to 390 more spaces in parking lot Q on the north side of Barstow Avenue,” he said.

Additional future projects include extending Keats to Woodrow Avenue, eliminating ponding basins and adding parking east of the Peters Business Building.

The rate hike is the first since 1988 for the self-supporting parking operation.

(Research and writing assistance by University Relations intern Stephanie Rodriguez.)