Fresno State is installing locally sourced technology expected to save up to 50 percent of the water used for campus landscaping.

“It’s a matter of teaching our lawns to drink differently,” said Bob Boyd, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management at Fresno State. “Our students value the aesthetics, recreational opportunities, and social environment lawns provide, but we must balance those benefits with increasing water costs.”

Aqua Cents® water management technology will be installed at Fresno State’s Peace Garden, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., March 25 and 26.

Aqua Cents is a patented technology that delivers organic hydrogels directly below the root zone of turf. Aqua Cents hydrogels are specifically designed to absorb 400 times their weight in water and beneficial nutrients.

This absorption and holding capacity—allowing up to 96 percent utilization of water as needed by the root zone—significantly reduces the amount and frequency needed for water and fertilizers. The process also improves aeration, water infiltration, and distribution uniformity.

According to Tom DeLany, founder and inventor of Aqua Cents, the hydrogels naturally degrade without any negative or toxic effects on the soil or the microorganisms.

“Our first installations on campus were selected to address mounded areas, or berms, in the Peace Garden landscape, and bordering the Softball Field,” said DeLany. “Due to gravity and runoff, both areas present a challenge in keeping mounded areas green without over watering.  Aqua Cents absorption and holding capacity advantages are expected to minimize water loss, reduce overall water use, and provide a return on investment.” 

Boyd also noted that although Fresno State pumps and maintains its own water system, the university is committed to preserving natural resources.

For more information, contact Bob Boyd at 559.278.2373 or