Fresno State Army ROTC gives students the chance to travel the world, experience other cultures, and learn other languages.

“Bulldog Battalion” cadet Ryan Carder spent the last two summers traveling with ROTC, first to Morocco and then last summer to Jordan. Now a junior at Fresno State, Carder said the travel opportunities have opened his eyes to a new way of seeing the world.

“The experience really gave me a new look at life, a respect for the Jordanian culture, and some Arabic language skills as well,” Carder said.

During the visit to Jordan, Carder studied the Jordanian Arabic language and culture through the Project GO program. His group was made up of American civilian students as well as ROTC cadets.

“We attended school in the mornings during the weekdays, and we were free to do what we wanted when school was out. This gave us the chance to explore and really use the language skills throughout the city we were living in,” he said

Carder also traveled to different places throughout Jordan, including a trip to Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world.

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