Fresno State Focus, a public affairs program produced by Mass Communication and Journalism students, kicks off its spring schedule this week with the Global News Relay, a new partnership that includes participation in a worldwide broadcast program featuring 12 hours of news produced by 12 universities from eight countries..

Streamed over Quays TV from Manchester, England, the broadcast began today and Fresno State’s 15-minute segment, produced on campus yesterday, aired at 9 a.m. It can be seen at

This year the theme is world poverty, with each of the 12 universities producing a 15-minute segment on the impacts of poverty in their communities. Fresno State’s segment includes an interview with University President Joseph I. Castro, who says growing up poor inspired him to achieve his dreams.

The Global News Relay project was started last year by the University of Salford in Manchester with 10 universities producing 12 hours of news. Fresno State was invited to participate this year after Faith Sidlow, mass communication and journalism lecturer and a former Fresno TV news journalist, learned about it at the Excellence in Journalism Conference in Nashville in September.

“I expressed an interest in getting our MCJ students involved and a few months later, we received an invitation from the University of Salford in Manchester, England for Fresno State’s  participation,” Sidlow said.

She teaches the class that produced that show as well as the Fresno State Focus 30-minute program that airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. through May 6 on Comcast 94 and U-Verse Channel 99. A live stream is also available on the CMAC.TV Education channel:.

One newscast in Spanish will be aired April 29. See the full schedule at

The students debuted their spring semester weekly local programming Wednesday night. That show will be re-broadcast at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday, March 2 and is also available online.

The program includes the Global News Relay segment with Castro, reported by student James Barnes of Hanford and also features Rodney Mathews (a safety on the Fresno State football team) exploring how Fresno is one of the top five poorest regions in the nation.

In addition, Elisa Bernal of Fresno talks to ex-gang members who are encouraging youth to leave the life of crime behind. In a sports report, Eric Bentley of Hanford looks at the women’s basketball team after it endured three consecutive losses that interrupted a 13-game winning streak.

For more information, contact Sidlow at 559.278.4868 or

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