Dr. Tamar M. Boyadjian, assistant professor of medieval literature at Michigan State University, will present “The City Lament: Jerusalem Across the Medieval Mediterranean” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24, on Zoom. The event is free and registration is required.

Boyadjian examines how various ethno-religious cultures across the medieval Mediterranean world reportedly lamented the loss of the city of Jerusalem. Boyadjian’s work seeks to expose cross-cultural exchange and interaction across the medieval Mediterranean through an examination of the lament tradition across Arabo-Islamic, Cilician Armenian and Western European literary sources. She demonstrates how each of these cultures share similar modes of lamenting cities. Boyadjian is the author of, “The City Lament: Jerusalem Across the Medieval Mediterranean.”

For more information, contact the Armenian Studies Program at 559.278.8669.