The Fresno Language Project,” a Fresno State student-produced film that showcases the diversity of the region, premiered Nov. 21 at Fresno State’s North Gym 118.

“The Fresno Language Project” uses students, faculty, staff and community members to share pride points about Fresno in 53 languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Farsi and Latin.

The project was conceived by four Fresno State students who decided to use their class marketing project to highlight the diversity of the region.

Students Ray Caldwell, Estivan Gutierrez, Tamar Karkazian and Gurbhupinder “Gary” Sahota created the project and were supported by more than 30 student volunteers.

The students wrote a script that highlights little known facts and pride points about Fresno. They recruited others to read the script in various languages. This video incorporates more than 46 facts spoken in 53 different languages.


Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson

Of the 59 speakers who appear in the film, 50 are Fresno State students, four are faculty members, four are community members and one is a member of the university staff.

The film’s campus debut was sponsored by the President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity (PCHRE). “As chair of the commission I am inspired by the creative efforts of our students in the Fresno Language Project group to create a video that showcases diversity within the city of Fresno,” said Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson, Fresno State vice president for administration and chief financial officer.

“This project helps to further the goals of A Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Respect and Equity (ASPIRE), which is a priority for Fresno State. Building awareness of all the diverse cultures within our city not only honors our citizens, but also showcases why we are proud to be from this region.”

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