Dr. Benjamin Boone, professor in the Department of Music, has been awarded Fresno State’s 2017 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, announced Dr. Lynnette Zelezny, Fresno State’s provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.

The Provost’s Awards also honored the following faculty:

  • Dr. Victor Torres, professor of Chicano and Latin American studies, Faculty Service Award
  • Dr. Cristina Herrera, associate professor of Chicano and Latin American studies, Research, Scholarship and Creative Accomplishment Award
  • Dr. The Nguyen, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Innovation Award
  • Don Williams, Department of Physics faculty, was named Outstanding Lecturer.

Seven faculty members were selected for the Promising New Faculty category of the Provost’s Awards in recognition of their exemplary achievements in teaching, research, creative activities and/or service among non-tenured, tenure-track faculty. The honorees are:

The honorees will be celebrated at an awards reception from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday, May 11, at the North Gym (Room 118) on campus. For more information about the reception, contact Randy Aoki at 559.278.2636.


Dr. Boone

Dr. Boone

Dr. Benjamin Boone (music) joined Fresno State in 2000. Boone’s classroom is said to be a laboratory of life with no boundaries of creativity. He recently brought one of the world’s greatest string quartets, Germany’s Verdi Quartet, to Fresno State for a one-week residency to guide music composition students. Boone’s works have garnered 18 national and international honors and awards. His research on speech from a musical perspective has been noted in Oxford’s “The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians,” the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and in Judith Martinovich’s “Creative Expressive Activities and Asperger’s Syndrome.”


Victor Torres

Dr.  Torres

Dr. Victor Torres (Chicano and Latin American studies) joined the Fresno State faculty in 1996. Coming from humble beginnings, he is committed to service and mentoring. Torres has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to service and engagement through his work with the Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association and the Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration. He has been involved in most mentoring programs on campus, including the Faculty Mentoring Program. Under his direction, the highly acclaimed Mexican dance troupe, Los Danzantes de Aztlán, has earned top awards and has been designated with CSU Ambassador status. His time investment in the University includes service in the Academic Senate and service as chair of the Chicano and Latin American Studies Department.


Dr. Herrera

Dr. Herrera

Dr. Cristina Herrera (Chicano and Latin American studies) has been at Fresno State since 2006. While serving underrepresented students in the classroom, she has also published prodigiously in reputable journals and books in the fields of Latina/o studies, literature and women’s studies. Herrera’s book, “Contemporary Chicana Literature: (Re) Writing the Maternal Script,” broke ground on motherhood in Chicana/Latina literary studies. She has nearly completed her second manuscript, “Sisters and Sisterhood in Contemporary Chicana Writing.”



Dr. Nguyen

Dr. The Nguyen (mechanical engineering), who joined Fresno State in 2012, has demonstrated his exemplary technical talent and innovative spirit. He challenges his students to think, to be creative, to design and to experiment. As a DiscoverE tablet program faculty fellow, Nguyen incorporated new ways of teaching and learning in his courses. One example of his innovative thinking resulted in a unique tremor suppression device for patients with Parkinson’s disease — an invention he designed and prototyped.


Dr. Don Williams

Dr. Don Williams

Don Williams (physics) has taught at Fresno State since 1989. Believing that instruction should be tied to modern living, Williams has always made it a point to engage students with technology, which has resulted in effective ways of incorporating course materials. He and his students directly impact many lives in the Valley through his physics outreach activities. His work is raising science consciousness through interactive physics demonstrations that engage the old, the young and the community at large.